Never Closed

Most convenience stores are never closed. They are almost always open 24 hours a day.

An original leader in the industry is 7-Eleven – in fact their name shared the hours they operated. They were the first to sell grocery items after hours. Being available until 11pm was unheard of in 1927 but by 1945 was in demand (when they changed their name from Totem’ stores.)

Their concept was not only accepted, it caught on and was soon in demand as the chain expanded and competitors opened everywhere, too. They are still a leader – not my overly favorite brand but – they’ve earned respect of not just their loyal customers, but business investor owners and the industry space they play in, too.

Shocked we were to find the one on the corner had closed on this little resort island. Someone we know here told us it closed in early May…Even as they approached the cusp of the summer season, at the beach, closing it was their decision.

Wow! It must have been a difficult decision to do that. It could be the Wawa up the street, the impact of hurricane Sandy affecting the island or most likely, the locally distressed Atlantic City casinos. Whatever the reason, it is a shame. A convenience store that has been open for decades and never closed, is out of business.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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