One More Thing

You accomplished a lot today. Can you do one more thing? Please.

Saturday chores are typical, but changing of the seasons means there are just, well, extra “fun” things to do.

Go buy pumpkins, drink cider, and decorate the porch as if you live on a farm and you’re feeding your favorite cows and chickens.

Mail candy-grams to your nieces and nephews, choose some things their mommy and daddy will like, too. (You know what your siblings liked growing up, right? Of course you do, you always snagged that from their trick or treating stash.) So basically, you owe them.

Maybe, you can hit up an Octoberfest party. Pick your favorite ale, eat some pretzels, dip them in hot cheese sauce, too.

These are just a few ideas. Pick your own. Make it perfect. Take a break.

There is always one more thing to do. Make sure some of them are more fun than others.

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