Could You Do It?

If you had to, really had to…could you do it?

It is closing in on springtime, the weather is breaking, the sun is shining longer and the warmer days are coming soon.

It has been a long winter. Not even that snowy here in the mid-Atlantic area, the lower middle of the northeast – at least compared to some years.

We have been lucky. Until now.

Now, we are on the cusp of something that we can’t control and couldn’t have predicted that a virus is what would keep us in.

The media is driving people crazy. Folks are worried. Scared even.

What they haven’t actually started to think about, is something that I am pretty sure I could do, and (frankly) enjoy it even.

Two weeks, stuck at home with your family…all working, side by side.

Think you could you do it? What’s more. Would you be happy about it? If you don’t hesitate to say yes…you may not even know what it would really mean. But, if you have to stop and think about it, maybe you should. Heck, you probably are now…Just. In. Case. (If your kids ask, you might want to have a plan and sound like you know what you’re doing.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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