Old Summer Memories

We our own favorite old summer memories.

  • Some of us, remember having watermelon seed spitting contests – certainly harder today with seedless watermelons!
  • Some of us remember finding fireflies and making a lantern – then setting them free.
  • Some of us remember counting the chirps of the crickets to calculate the temperature of the evening air.
  • Some of us remember beach days, walking from the car barefoot on the hot pavement and finding cool spots on the painted yellow and white lines and then digging in to find the cool sand.
  • Some of us remember the carnivals and the spinning lights, the shrieks of delight, the sparkle and book of the fireworks at the end.
  • Some of us remember when the 1 (maybe 2) year old called 911 by mistake when the adults were all out setting off (completely legal) firecrackers and Roman candles.
  • Some of us remember the drive in movies, home-made popcorn and falling asleep in the back of the station wagon.
  • Some of us remember school not starting until after Labor Day – always after, never ever before.
  • Some of us remember making daisy chains out of the pull tabs on the soda (and maybe some of the dads’ beer) cans.
  • Some of us remember riding bikes all day long until the street lights came on when we knew we had to be home.
  • Some of us remember fishing in the river – creek – lake or on the pier and being amazed every time there was a tug on the line.
  • Some of us remember all of that and so much more than that.

Facebook lets us ALL re-share old summer memories, as far back as a year ago – or farther – depending on when you signed up. Others remember, in their mind’s eye, or are reminded when they flip through photo albums. I am going to keep reminding the kids of their favorites and printing those images we hold dear – even if they don’t love the photos now, they will later. We can’t forget all the fun we’ve had if we have ways to be reminded.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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