Normal Routines

We have to forget our normal routines on a holiday…

  • shut down early
  • linger over coffee
  • forget that you work from home and can work all the time
  • even if you do decide to work, remember that others want a holiday, too
  • splurge a bit on dinner
  • eat dessert (unless you always do, in which case, well, make it an extra special dessert)
  • see your family
  • open that already chilled bottle of Prosecco, saved for a special occasion (it’s here – today)
  • let them know you miss them, too and give them an extra long hug
  • dance in the rain
  • drive further…and bring them home

We fall easily into our normal routines – especially when you think that summer is still here. It isn’t actually, as it is fairly frigid – I exaggerate, but damp low 50s is pretty harsh when you think you can still wear shorts and a t-shirt and go to the pool to hang out. On a long Labor Day weekend, there are still a lot of minutes left to enjoy – so why are you waiting?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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