Incrementally Better

It just takes a tiny, little bit to make a huge difference until it is incrementally better overall.

It’s been brutally cold in the northeast all day, and the same for the middle of the country all week. We are hitting record low temps…everywhere. It won’t change for a few days, at least.

We all know, however, that in small measures, small percentages – a change, whether 10 degrees or 10% moving upward, forward, better – can be huge.

If it stays steady hovering around 9 degrees, going up to 18 might feel better, especially if the wind stops blowing. Even if it would be great to be at 45…colleagues and family in Florida still think 45 is not acceptable. It may not sound cold to us, but, when you’re used to 72 (or warmer) it’s dramatic.

I think they’d be okay if it went up to 63 tomorrow, or even 54. Maybe.

I don’t think we should ask the pets and wildlife, the ones who can’t migrate, or make a decision to go even father south for winter.

It will only last a little bit longer though, 6 more weeks and a couple days… each one getting brighter, longer, with more sun and warmer temps.

Have patience…it will pass. Soon.

It’s the little bit that makes a difference… then bigger steps farther, making it incrementally better until you are so happy, warm and cozy that you can’t believe it was ever January at all.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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