Nutty But So Sweet

Ever have those days when you run into some one you know, unexpectedly. An old friend. You know, the one who makes you linger over a conversation that isn’t on your schedule, but it is so very worth having? She is probably nutty, but so sweet, you just can’t help smiling when you think of her…even now. You sat there for more than an hour after the unplanned lunch was done, talking about nothing, but covering everything.

  • While she may not inspire you to work harder, you know that she does work hard every day.
  • While she may not be the one you call in a jam, she would show up if you did.
  • While she may not like your favorite music, movies or sports…you love her anyway.
  • While she may not have the best clothes, car or even children – they’re kind of a distraction, bordering on irritating – but, they’re cute and you laugh with them, in spite of yourself.
  • While she may not love Halloween, like you do, she does have a fondness for candy – all kinds – she has them in dishes all over her house, her office and in her giant tote just in case you get Hangry™. (Do I really have to TM that? If not, please pardon the mistake.)

She of course, will share whatever she has…even the candy you don’t particularly care for – the ones that are nutty but so sweet (I know, who am I to say, I love candy corn and you can’t get much sickly-sweeter than that) and EVERYONE but you loves those brown-wrapped chocolates. You’d like to make fun of her for just that one little thing, but the rest of the world apparently has made them the number one of all time. Whatever. No big deal. You can’t like the same thing everyone else does. And, that is okay, because she is your friend and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Of course, the most important thing is that you are so glad you ran into her on the street today.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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