Not Too Late

There are a lot of times when showing up late is not too late.

  • Wanting the least favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavor, which is still available, even at the end of the sale in front of the pizza shop on the big game day.
  • Going to an all day party, when you arrive in time to see people before they leave, but also spend time with new friends who come later.
  • Reservations, still available and not more expensive than if you had booked months ago.
  • Choosing a 24 hour diner, where breakfast is served all day long.

Other times, you just cannot help but feel left out…

  • The perfect kick off with an immediate return and touch down.
  • The doors to the surprise party closing just as you were running up the stairs, after the birthday guest of honor.
  • The train, or plane that left just a minute ago and there isn’t another one scheduled today for your destination.
  • Breakfast served only until 9AM, not even ’till ten like it used to be.

As long as it isn’t a critical start time, showing up is not too late. Better to be there at least for a little while than not at all. Hopefully, most of the things that you miss, aren’t missed at all and available on the instant replay, which you can watch over and over and over again.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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