Just Trashed

It is not easy to be in a house that is pretty much just trashed…which is why it is usually reserved for:

  • people too high to care.
  • one night, after people who heard, word of mouth about the party at your parent’s house.
  • people too busy to care about cleaning up after themselves.

Option number two is the only one that is universally accepted.

Mainly because more kids than you ever thought even knew your name – let alone where you lived – showed up and at the end of the night the entire house was just trashed. Even after your best friends had helped you clean it up and put it all back “to normal” your parents still found out and you were grounded until adulthood. That event is what made sure you never let it happen again. Maybe some people should have had that happen to them, then they would know what not to do.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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