Not Staring, Just Thinking

Ever get caught, but you were actually not staring, just thinking of something? How would they know, unless they interrupted your thoughts?

Disturbing you, in your reverie.

So much of communication is visual, not heard.

  • Body language.
  • Rolling your eyes.
  • A facial reaction (one that you just could not help but make.)
  • Your own silent smirk.
  • A smile.
  • The inaudible sigh.

Video calls, Facetime, in-person meetings and conversation – one on one or in a group – matter so much.

Buuuuuuuuut, no one wants to be seen.

  • Text.
  • e-Mail.
  • Snap.
  • Post.


You can’t get caught…not staring, just thinking, from behind your device…but in person, it happens and when it does, it can make you realize that you are not actually alone in your own little world. Get out there, be present, react and share the great big world with the rest of the humans.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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