Just Can’t Wait

Sometimes, I am not sure what to write about and the things on my mind don’t seem to be a good fit… However, today was the end of spring break for college and our daughter’s back there – not home. So, even though she just left, I just can’t wait until she’s home again.

I know, I know that she is creating her own life and building her future…and we wouldn’t take that away from her for anything…but, we still like having her around.

We are fortunate to have had time with her, almost 5 days (wow!!) in spite of a getaway with her girlfriends on their mini international getaway.

While she was home, we ate lots of pancakes…because that is the one meal, the one lone meal, on which we can all agree we like.

Who wants to argue about dinner, or hem and haw about…

…who likes what?

…who doesn’t like that?

…who is going to have to suffer because it isn’t their favorite (aka, the thing they hate most to eat)?

Plus, what’s not to like about pancakes?

  • With maple syrup from New Hampshire, made from my sister’s maple trees.
  • With peanut butter, for extra protein – sure, let’s go with that.
  • With bourbon vanilla whipped cream – if we have heavy cream.
  • With bacon, if we have bacon…which, we usually have for just such an occasion.

We enjoy all of that, and more, with lots of laughter, tales of the last few days and sharing family time that is so very valuable when you know what you’re missing.

When is the next time we will all be together and have pancakes? I am not sure, but I know that my husband would agree, we just can’t wait.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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