Not Short Enough

There isn’t much you can do about your height. You are born with your genetic make up and the family around you can probably give you a clue as to how tall you will eventually grow. While there are some who want to be taller, there are also teens who grow quickly to be 6′ tall and they wonder how it happened, feeling very much like they are not short enough to fit in.

Our family has a relatively above average height component, but we also have our petite members. Women…luckily I guess, who are not quite average height, but even though women can wear heels, they don’t all choose to wear them to be eye level with everyone else. 

In some cases – ok a lot since most of my immediate family has one – like old houses with cellars built over 100 years ago, being tall is not to your benefit. You are not short enough to save your noggin’ from getting bumped – over and over again… In other cases, like ski cabins in the woods, the beds can actually made you feel too tall as (even at 5′ 2-3/4″ your feet hang off the end of the bed.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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