Left Behind

A larger than life, group is away at a cabin for the weekend. It’s a family wedding and a wonderful occasion to get together. In the middle of all the fun and festivities, we are very thankful for the items left behind by former guests. 

We packed a lot (I mean, a lot… but not actually as much as usual) for our weekend. So, paper plates for dinner and plenty of spoons for our soup were appeciated.

That said, they couldn’t have left behind we wished we had… 

Wishing that the internet (even on our phones – any one of the 5 that we pay to use at home, on the road and even yes, in Ireland…) was actually accessible, here in the woods. I am not even saying it is too slow. It is pretty much non-existent. It’s our carrier, who is apparently behind… (There are others that are all good – they work fine.)  

I guess when you chose to get away, there are things that you have to do without… that is entirely ok and we won’t feel (or even actually be) left behind without access to news, blogs, Facebook, home access for a day – 36 hours maybe. If you don’t hear from me… this is why.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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