Not Affiliated

It is enough to say “we are not affiliated with each other” to mean something?

There is probably some kind of association and a halo effect…or a tarnished halo depending on the perspective and circumstances of the relationship.

Much of what I do all the time is just that: an association of knowledge, similar training, group education and shared identity of some sort.

It is all around us.

In one of the Disney movies, the younger adoring fan, trying to help the well-known hero is dismissed. 

Whether it is a product sold in a restaurant or a store – like Coke or Wise Chips – or the market in front of the farm… Saying we are not affiliated won’t hurt (if we like the product, service and brand) but it certainly won’t help either if we don’t. 

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Pick your own apples and be out in the sunshine…or go to the market, the store – or just eat applesauce – whatever makes you happy.

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