Customer Demand

How much does customer demand drive business?

I think it entirely depends on the business – what they are doing – or their approach.

Let’s take Apple for example. They drive the change. They innovate. They design new features. They make change.

The customers may or may not demand it, but it comes anyway.  Then, the customers react; whether they choose to react or they have no choice but to react.

Update systems. iOS, laptop software, new hardware, new accessories.

Literally, the mouse in your hand that you cannot control, no matter how tiny and innocent it appears.

Devices that used to work perfectly now don’t. Including their own computer hardware – as in key boards and mice. Or, a new phone (yes, an iPhone) or tablet (of course an iPad) when the old one can’t handle the updates any more.

Companies like Logitech, must react … or, if they do not, the devices (like my perfectly good Bluetooth mouse) cease to work. It would not be a problem to go out and buy a new one, except that apparently, not even the Apple versions work properly anymore.

What I see all over the Logitech site…does not give me hope. There I find questions posed, like:

  • “When are you going to fix it?”
  • “How many customers are you willing to lose?”
  • “It’s been 3 months.” Followed by “It’s been 6 months.” Further, followed up with “It’s been 9 months…”

Posts and questions like those. All customer demand and outrage…with no resolution in sight just because of one company’s drive to improve, that left a wake of trauma behind.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS As if you hadn’t guessed…my mouse is like a runaway, with a mind of it’s own, just like it’s animal cousins.

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