No Strings

Stunt men and women definitely use harnesses to keep safe, but free offers from businesses that have no strings attached might actually have some risk for the business that is…

You can take them up on their offer and never need to visit them again.

  • Free shredding.
  • Free pizza.
  • Free sling bag (to carry the stuff available at the street fair.)
  • Free pens.

It really isn’t free but if they offer it with no strings to tie you to them, they are probably hoping that you feel some level of obligation to return to them, at least once. In a community – one that cares about the others, you do feel attached and obligated – and you probably participate in the exchange of give and take.  That is the way it should work – if you like the product or the service, or even the book, you return again and again and become a part of the movement.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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