Cute, But…

How often have you looked at something, or – let’s face it – someone and thought, wow, cute, but…

  • I can’t raise a puppy; believe me, I tried.
  • How many strappy sandals do you need; other than one pair black, white, metallic and okay maybe more than one pair, but not more than 5.
  • He’s allergic to cats; and I love him too much to give into their little whiskers and fluffy paws.
  • Kids are gross; I mean the make a mess, they smell bad sometimes and they eat/touch/do things they shouldn’t.
  • Vintage clothing; all in size 4…

Today, I drove past a new little shop that looks really cute, but…it is in the wrong place.  The sign outside and the window display is really, truly adorable. It is a shame that I wouldn’t even think to park my car in their lot – keeping in mind, I lived in not such a great neighborhood in the city for over 5 years. (I have parked in a lot of terrible places and this was the suburbs.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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