Still A Long List

Even after you accomplish so very much, there is often still a long list of things to do.

Such is life, actually.

To be fair…if it wasn’t this way, life wouldn’t be worth living.

Santa’s list…has been checked off; for the most part, anyway. (There are still a few gatherings to be had, and a few more gifts to share.)

That is a very good thing. It took a lot of work to pull it off. A job (albeit a labor of love) and well done.

In every day life…however.

  • Be busy.
  • Do as much as you can.
  • Check off the accomplishments.
  • Take time off to recharge.
  • Add more to your list.
  • Do it all over again.

Sometimes, I get it. You need to feel like you have completed more than you have not; especially before you add more on the pile.

Overall, however, your life should be full, with still a long list of things – maybe just with more of the “want to do” items rather than the “need to do” things. For the rest of the year, that is my wish – not just for us, but for all of you, too. Know that you have done a lot of wonderful, meaningful and fruitful things, but that next year is yet to be had and there is more time to finish what you’ve started.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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