No Joke

Defining your business’ personality is no joke.

It is – and should be – all about you…and what you want it to be. If you are serious, so is your brand. Always looking to laugh out loud and want to entertain your customers, then your store should reflect your sense of humor.

I am not one of those “April Fools” kind of gals. I do like to laugh, but I am not quite the practical joker. It has always gotten too serious, somehow, to be funny – more like a sad Ben Stiller movie where you feel bad for the main character. I hate those movies. Really. Still, I like him as an actor, even though it’s a struggle… because that is what most of his movies are like. That is his “brand” of personality.

Don’t be sad for me though – it’s ok to not be an April Fools master… my brand is not about being funny (most of the time, anyway.) Maybe, just sometimes, I’ll make you laugh or giggle like a school girl even… but there is (literally) no joke that I couldn’t screw up – by telling you the punchline first.  So, with all of that said, Happy April Fool’s Day and I do hope you had a funny day – even if this isn’t the place for it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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