Nap Day Everyday

Today, there were several people who could really benefit from nap day everyday, not just the Monday after the clocks change.

Who thought that there should only be one day of official napping? The Americans, that’s who.

Maybe, if we turned back to our old days, historical trends and customs, we wouldn’t pass out at the end of the work day…we might actually get a better night’s sleep and wake more rested, more ready for the day.

Of course, we probably wouldn’t need so much caffeine would we?

Then, where would Starbucks, Dunkin’ and the carbonated soft drink 20 oz bottles be without the tired, exhausted masses? What about the home brew master, the friendly co-worker who says “let’s go grabba cuppa joe”?

Oh, don’t fear, they would probably all have a place, just not as an addiction.

We left our old country and came to the new world and now we lose out on nap day everyday…I wonder, was it all worth it? I am beginning to think not; so, why don’t we figure out a way to try and bring it back? Who is with me???

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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