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It is Monday and while you may be thinking of a number of momentous things that happened, or could have happened, or are maybe happening around the country…here is one thing you probably won’t hear in other news around the water cooler.

Today, March 12th, is Brian Johnson’s birthday.

“Who is this?” you might ask… well, for those of you, die-hard fans, you know and you just laughed.

We watched a fun little movie this weekend, called Jumanji Welcome to The Jungle and it prompted our son (15) to want to watch The Breakfast Club. There’s a connection, watch them both, you will see it, too.

Brian Johnson you may now recall is the geek played by Anthony Michael Hall, he was an actual teenager in the movie. He played along side the other teen co-star, Molly Ringwald. An unlikely pairing according to the movie’s myths and stereotypes, yet it actually happened.

Why is this momentous, you ask? Well, today, that fictitious boy’s birthday took place. He would actually be 50 today, but in the real world, he will be 50 on Wednesday. Happy Birthday to both of you Brian and Anthony…you deserve to celebrate.

I know that wasn’t what you wanted to know, so I guess, I will share this too. There are other ways to bend time and pretend that things are not as they seem. We went through this – like we do twice a year – over the weekend. We still found a clock today that wasn’t reset properly.

Yet does it really matter? There are still only 24 hours in a day, and the clock has no bearing on what the sun does each and every day. Setting, rising, shining and giving us both warmth and light. It does not matter one little bit if you think you are in control, moving the hour hand ahead, or back or stopping it altogether to give you more semblance of time.

Yep, I am referring to that annoying time change and so, in other news…and kind of exciting, I think – the State of Florida will vote on eliminating Daylight Saving Time. It would be good, except for why it isn’t and this article may help you appreciate the benefits of working together and accepting that we are not really in charge of anything at all.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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