Move Quickly

Yesterday, I talked about “theoretical” movement and making changes. Today, with temps and wind, long lasting sub-freezing temps in our area, the snow drifting and winds blowing – you just have to move quickly.

  • To get dressed.
  • To shovel the snow before frost-bite starts.
  • To get into the pre-heated car and onto your destination for the day.
  • To find a parking space as close as possible to the office / store.
  • To grab that last chocolate chip muffin (or sesame bagel) before it is sold out from under you.
  • To do everything as fast as you can to stay warm.

Do not let the snow or the frigid temps slow you down. Make another cup of coffee, take it with you, wherever you go and refill frequently.

Move quickly, don’t get cold feet and stay on track.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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