More Than One

Even if you own it, you can always have more than one. This may make sense for many things but not for others.

  • One couch – ok, maybe two or three. It depends on the space you have and whether or not you want to have guests (and they want to sit down.)
  • Plates – even more than just for guests – at least 4 or 8 are recommended.
  • Televisions – come on people, this isn’t the 1960s or 1970s… not even the 1980s.  One for each room, that should do it, I should think.
  • Rings – pretty ones, even the ones with diamonds – you can always have more.
  • Cars, motorcycles, boats…
  • Picture frames, lamps and candles.

All of that – makes sense. But why, oh why do you need to own more than one copy of the same book? Oh, right, because you have children, and, in spite of their being born in the “modern age” – they like printed, on paper, hard-backed, colorful covered books. What’s more, they want their own copy.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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