More or Less Predictable

As we go through life, we tend to get more or less predictable. Once we have settled into a career, a relationship, a home and have some children, things get to be pretty much the same. Unless we wish (or act) so that they aren’t.

  • We do laundry on the weekends – unless we do it during the week because we went out on the weekend.
  • We get pizza for dinner on Friday night – unless we have gotten tired of that and we wing it (and by saying “wing it” I do not mean we get wings) making or doing take out from some other place altogether.
  • We drive to the same places every Thursday afternoon – unless one of the other people carpools the kids for us.
  • We use our GPS just to check the traffic since we know the way so well that we anticipate the dips and potholes in the road – unless they have been repaired by DOT improvements.

We can become boring, routine, complacent.  Until we change something, or something around us changes. Maybe it is our personal preference. Maybe it is the others around us. Maybe it is the life changes that come with aging children, who go out on their own, or can stay home while you go out. Maybe it is the movie in the middle of the week, just because the latest in the trilogy is out and starts in your city on Tuesday.

We do not have to be the same. We can be and do more.  Or, less predictable events can shape what we do with our time, our career and our life.  Happiness shows up when we least expect it.  Embrace the unknown. Take the road less traveled. Turn right when the GPS tells you to go straight. Explore and see what comes next. Make a wish or dream a dream and make it happen.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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