Moms We Love

So, if you read yesterday’s post, you may know that the same women who were referenced as grandmothers, are also the moms we love. Of course, it isn’t just my mom, or my husband’s, but all moms out there, who do so much for their family and deserve to be recognized on Valentine’s Day.

Most moms I know would really just like a little token of our love.  

  • A card. Hand made is best.
  • A hug and a truly, deeply, honest and sincere “I love you and I’m happy you’re my mom.
  • Dinner that she doesn’t have to cook or (and in my case, this is 100% true) dinner out! No prep, cooking or clean up and everyone can order what they like to eat!
  • Some would also appreciate a massage, or a gift certificate to the spa along with the time to enjoy it – before (no rushing out the door for the appointment) and after. (Let her come home to a clean house. No stress. No rushing off to do something or dinner to cook when she arrives home).

But the list can be amped up a bit and become something even better – if that is what she’d want.

  • A new handbag – something she wouldn’t buy herself.
  • Flowers. Classic. They can be expensive so it is best to buy them in person from your local florist and to have them delivered a day or two early. (We used to tell our customers: Be the first to say I love you.” and we’d offer that with a discount…) If she doesn’t love roses – pick the flower she does love – if you know what indeed that is… (hint – look at your wedding photos and her bouquet.)
  • Chocolates. (Yes, dark chocolate if that is what she likes even if no one else in the house likes dark chocolate or chocolate with nuts.)
  • A surprise trip away – someplace warm. Make sure to give her heads up with enough time to pack what she’d want to wear. This is a gift for the entire family and gives her time with her family, which she probably would love to have…

What not to give? Definitely NOT a washing machine, oven, microwave or a vacuum cleaner.

Know her. Understand her. Think about her desires, wants, wishes and dreams. Don’t be swayed by the societal push to buy something. She may love the big sampler box of chocolates, but probably doesn’t want the white bear with the red heart on it. Maybe she’d just like an afternoon watching a few movies she hasn’t yet watched – her pick. Romcom or the latest Vince Vaughn movie…she likes to laugh and doesn’t do it enough.

The good news is, you still have 5 days to think about this; time to plan and show the moms we love, just how very much we do love them.

~ Love, Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Here’s a pic of the heart my daughter sculpted for us last year for Valentine’s Day.True Love - hand made

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