Moms are Superheros

Some believe that moms are superheros…and in many ways, they are – at least they are superheros to their kids.

They can do anything.

Such as eat potato chips, stay up late, talk on the phone when they are supposed to be at dinner…

Ohhhh, those are not really “super” things are they?

How about, protecting their young offspring from harm’s way, keeping them out of trouble, teaching them right from wrong, mentoring them to be the best version of themselves and to put others first as long as they are able to protect their own self – physically and emotionally.

Teaching them to fly…

And, don’t forget about mending broken hearts, healing booboos, knowing what to say at just the right time and helping mold a child into a strong, self-assured, full-functioning member of society.

Not all moms are superheros, but they all try to do their best – and it helps when they have dad and the rest of the family there too, to run the sideline, help on the front line, and be the back up when they can’t do it all. There is no reason to be the only one to do everything – you have help – all you need to do is ask.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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