Moms Are Girls

In addition to a Mother’s Day shout out, this week might just turn out to remind everyone that moms are girls…as if that wasn’t entirely obvious…and, that they can pretty much do anything they want to do.

Also, I am not implying that they are not women, by calling a female a “girl”, but instead to focus on the fact that they have a wide variety of things that they like to do in their life.

Relaxing, getting pedicures and massages are part of that – for some – but not all.

Reading, writing and maybe just watching television, movies or YouTube.

Playing sports, participating in athletics, or hanging on the sidelines, following their favorite sports team.

Admiring, and recognizing a job well done, telling someone they did a good job, even when they weren’t the best, but did absolutely their best.

Leading others to accomplish amazing things, whether they are a teacher, an engineer, an assistant manager, nurse, esthetician, lawyer, home health care aid, chef, doctor, business owner or mentor of any other kind…or, just being great at buying stuff or making a reservation for a dinner everyone enjoyed.

We hold them to a high standard, and we put them on a pedestal, and while they are amazing, they are not always perfect.

Nor do they have to be.

They need time to get it together and sometimes…moms are girls who just don’t even want to be a grown up, nor responsible, and to just be able to watch a movie (superhero or otherwise) that isn’t too judge-y or has higher expectations of being anything more than just entertaining. After it’s over, taking a nap, because it wasn’t anything more than just a distraction and that was all it needed to be.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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