Maybe I Should Listen

Maybe I should listen to my own self, even if others don’t. (Although, I have heard from a few of you who do, and I thank you for listening.)

Today, after that long diatribe on last night’s blog about relaxing and taking time for yourself (yes, even on a work day…) I didn’t.

So, yea.

I worked until 8:20PM.

So much for TGIF, right?

But, I know I was right and maybe I should listen, especially when my kids say, “hey mom, what’s for dinner?” Luckily, I got them quite an elaborate after school snack today since it was the beginning of Spring Break – as of 3PM today – they are off for the next 9 days. (In other words, they were not starving after crepes and french fries…) but, overall, I think we’ll be able to make room for some down-time. We all deserve it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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