Making Space Is Easy

Making space is easy, when we want to grow.

Every Christmas – those who celebrate – move furniture, take down paintings and pictures to redecorate for the holiday. We make the space needed for the tree, the gifts and the family & friends who visit us.

Every time a chef creates a new dish, they make room on the menu – whether offering it as a special feature, or just adding it to the list of delicious items available at the restaurant.

Manufacturers and designers are constantly inventing new products or improving and re-inventing older ones. They add to their catalog and offer the customer something new to fit the need they have or creating a want for something they didn’t even know they needed.

Retail stores bring in new items, selling through inventory, but leaving just a few of the older items that they know will sell – because they always have…

It is time to solve the problem that you don’t even realize you have.

  • Discard the old clock that can’t be fixed.
  • Donate the clothes that don’t fit and/or you never wear.
  • Delete the dish that doesn’t sell.
  • Discount and sell through the obsolete product.
  • Ditch the 7 reports that you’ve used for years because this new one tells you everything you need to know.
  • Don’t keep everything in your product offering, be critical and decide what can go…

The problem is in removing the things you no longer need – it is not the inability to add, because making space is easy when you really want the new thing.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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