What Is It That We Like

So, I have been thinking…what is it that we like about television, movies, reality shows, sports – or to be more general – entertainment?

Think about the stories that are so very obvious, whether it is the romantic comedy, the sit-com, the cop show, the drama, the sporting event or the thriller.

  • We know how it should end.
  • We know who we like.
  • We know who we hate.
  • We know who we want to win.
  • We know what they should do to get the guy/girl, get out of the stupid situation, who did it, who is at fault and where the killer is hiding.

Is this question asking or stating that there is nothing unique out there left for us to tune into on a Monday night? Binge watch on the weekend? Record on the DVR?  Watch on demand? Buy overpriced movie tickets – even though we can choose our seat in advance and recline to really, really, relax in the theater?

What is it that we like is a fair question when we spend several hours of our week seeking a variety of forms of entertainment – and if you think I forgot social media – I didn’t. We spend significant funds or none, passing the time looking for the right story to entertain us. Do we pay attention because they do it, or do they do it because we pay attention?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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