Making Nice

Sometimes as adults…we forget about making nice.

As parents we have to focus on this effort. Helping kids learn the essentials of life.

Besides please, and thank you – which is much much more than “no problem” – there are so many other aspects critical to social, civil and mature civilization.

  • Listening to each other.
  • Being patient while waiting in line or for someone who needs more time.
  • Helping someone put their coat on and find an apparently errant sleeve.
  • Pausing for a moment to make sure everyone has received their food before eating.
  • Acknowledging life’s moments with simple statements of “Congratulations!”, or “I’m sorry”, or “well done!”

It’s in our best interests as a society to focus some of our efforts in making nice people…and this is something even adults can help others, the non-kids in our lives, be to each other, for each other, and do just because we share our world together.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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