Jokes Aside

Setting the jokes aside, this freezing cold weather lingering on and on is getting to be kind of ridiculous.

Mother Nature is kind of funny isn’t she?

I hear it was in the 80s today in Florida, while it was in the 30s here…why does this matter?

Well, it would matter if you were inclined to move there, which I am not.


Even after a short debate last week with my group of moms, most – but not all – agreed The Sunshine State isn’t necessarily our go to place at the end of all the child rearing we are doing.

And, we are still doing that. That, and work…right, work. Yes, both those things keep us up north.

So, in this adventure we call child rearing, caffeine helps. It helps a lot.

We need it to prod gently each morning, even as we are starting to see the light at the end of this transition into the “longer” daylight hours; we just need a pick me up to help prod us along, too.

Yet, all April Fool’s jokes aside, they weren’t kidding. There it was – ice, right outside our door. I was hoping we were done with that, except for adding it to our tea, or for that matter, coffee, with perfect swirls of cream helping us enjoy the afternoon a little bit more. Way up north, today where it’s still cold…we still need our coffee piping hot.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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