Been There, Done That

Usually, when someone says, “been there, done that” they mean it in a way that is negative.

As in, don’t share your stories with me, I have lived that already and I am not going through it again with you.

Today, I was able to share stories with my two aunts and the places they have been – that I too, have been. Maybe in a different time in our lives, different ages, different decades even…and with a different agenda.

This was so much fun!

Hearing their perspective and gaining insight into their life and how, even in a time warp, we have all been there, done that and we loved it all the same. Cheers. Aloha. Slainte. Two-thirds of a Bon Jour…I know you’ll get there some day, too, Renee – no doubt I plan to visit England, Greece and Italy – with at least one trip to Kauai in the middle – maybe the “middle sister” will be there, too.

Love, Dawn aka Hat Girl

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