Make Amends

Is it the marketers or the customers who must make amends when the gift isn’t quite right?

One of them is to blame…who shall accept the responsibility for the sadness, the lamenting tears and the regret?

  • Buy flowers, she’ll love them.
  • Buy this card, it will be the perfect blend of emotional happiness and sadness all rolled into one.
  • Buy chocolates, she is on a diet – perpetually – but still she loves chocolate.
  • Buy clothes, they are the current trend and so pretty, but she is kind of a crunchy mom and probably would rather wear 501 jeans, preferably from her husbands closet.
  • Buy this (insert the perfect thing) by then (insert date of last possible shipment/dispatch) and have it delivered no later than the (day before/day of) the holiday…they make promises and yet, it still isn’t quite right.

What she really wants is you, all of you, in your silly selfies, with lots of smiles, giggling fits of laughter, late night movies and sitting down for (breakfast, lunch and) dinner together. There is no need to make amends, return the gift or say I am sorry. No one is at fault…no one except the ones who put the pressure on to do what isn’t really needed. That said…you have to know when the holiday is…and there, my friends is where the problem may actually be.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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