Make a Statement

Make a statement that shows you have an opinion.

I know that the political landscape today makes people hide their true feelings in order to save, or preserve friendships, but it can be more difficult if you do this in the long run.

If you always hold back what you think, or where you think life should go, then we will not move forward.

Too many people are unwilling to share their opinions and I am reminded of this:

  • not by friends
  • not by a post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram,
  • not by my post yesterday

Instead it is because of a box of pancake and waffle mix.

“Heat according to manufacturers directions.”

If I went back to the waffle iron instructions – how likely would it be that they suggest in kind?

“Please follow the recipe’s guide for the heat setting.”

I mean, come on. We know you have an opinion.

Don’t be afraid.

Waffles (and waffling) are just for breakfast or brunch, and maybe dessert.

Make a statement. Make your point clear and people will listen; even if they don’t agree. Then, especially then, you can communicate and probably come to a common ground.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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