Communication is Your Super Power

What if you could say that communication is your super power?

  • You would be the most powerful person in the world.
  • You would be the most liked.
  • You would get along with everyone.
  • You would be the best damn facilitator or mediator out there – making things happen more quickly and helping everyone get along.
  • You would be able to tell people what you think, what they think and what others think – succinctly – getting everyone aligned, on the same page.
  • You would be able to share stories, making the most of any situation.
  • You would allow your kids to learn from you, and be able to teach others.
  • You would make people happy.
  • You would be happy, too.

You don’t have to be a giant. You don’t have to be stronger than others. You don’t have to be older. You don’t have to be the leader, in charge…


If communication is your super power, why aren’t you using it for the greater good?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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