When we were kids, we played card games and when you were trumped as in the game of Pinochle, you typically lost.

We learned to count, pay attention to the suit of cards, what had been played and what might be left in the hands of your opponents.

All of this by our grandparents; we were 11 and 8.

Two sets of cards, or a special deck, only 48 – numbered 9 to King (and Aces), Pinochle was a game I learned at an early age.

If I had to guess I would not be sure I would be correct whether or not my grand parents, would have voted for the current president.

That said, the word is in my vocabulary. As in… You lost. You have been beaten. You were the lesser player.

Today, my daughter’s friend said something that literally trumped the other statements and I realized that she might not have the same perspective I have. Nonetheless, as soon as I said it, she froze and I felt obligated to explain myself. Skills are what they are…and our perspective comes from all different generations, experiences and points in time. I think we have to be less sensitive, more understanding, because I am not sure that I can unlearn that word.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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