Do You Trust Me?

What an interesting question…Do you trust me? 

Trust me for what…

  • To be on time?
  • To tell you the truth?
  • To tell you my full opinion?
  • To show up when I say I’ll be there?
  • To deliver your child safe and sound back to you after the weekend long trip?
  • To pay attention when you’re talking?
  • That the movie or the book or the restaurant I tell you is fabulous…really IS more than amazing?
  • To be excited for you when you are happy about new found success?
  • To be the father of your children?

No one asks dad this important question. You just believe it to be true. 

Furthermore, dads don’t have to ask, “do you trust me” because we always do – and – for that we love them dearly. Happy Fathers Day to all the fabulous dads out there – especially mine and the one who is called Dad by our children.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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