Love the Substitute

What do you do when you don’t love the substitute?

I mean, every one knows that the real thing is better.

  • Coke vs. Diet Coke. (Had to, it’s their slogan, or was anyway…)
  • Butter vs. olive oil (I don’t particularly think there is much of a difference, I mean in as much as I don’t overly miss it if it is used to saute something vs. spreading on a piece of toast.)
  • Sugar vs. any artificial sweetener of any kind. (Hate them all, would rather do without. Plain iced tea is fine, cookies I would just skip, coffee I think I could learn to love without, just as much.)
  • Live singing vs recorded and auto-tuned. (Hearing someone or a group of people who perform regularly and who can not only carry a tune, their rendition actually tugs at your heart strings.)

I am not sure what but, like I said yesterday, spinach is much better than kale; and, no I don’t love the substitute, but I don’t think there is enough of a difference to complain too much.  I do however, love, love love to hear kids perform – especially when they practice, study and develop their natural skills.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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