Spinach and Kale

The past few years it has been pretty easy to find plenty of spinach and kale in the grocery store.  Even the mass retailers with a market have it – at least Target usually has it at a minimum in their frozen section, if not readily in the produce area. Of course,the farmers market might tend to prefer kale over the other less hardy green, but they usually offer both varieties.

Tonight, I found only one of the two in the freezer aisle, and not only a total lack of spinach – chopped, whole leaf or otherwise “fresh frozen” – I found at least 4 skus of kale.  (I have to be completely honest, they did have chopped creamed spinach, but that wouldn’t go over too well in the breakfast smoothie in this or any house!)

I started to wonder if the impact of the summer hurricanes has impacted our ability to find spinach, like it was for avocados earlier in the fall.  Admittedly, until tonight, I hadn’t even thought about it. I probably wouldn’t have worried too much if I didn’t see it on a quick in-and-out trip to the store, but I was specifically asked to replace our stock.

We are apparently out.

I mean, if one had to choose the lesser of the two green vegetables, between spinach and kale, most would probably say the latter. In reality, it is probably the former – in terms of green power, protein filled and packed with vitamins, too. However, if it is the more palatable taste factor you’re seeking, stick to the baby leaf spinach variety. Now, don’t misunderstand my perspective on this, it is certainly a personal opinion and you are entitled to your own. You can even comment below on what you like better…I am just hoping that it is a temporary situation and not that the kale pushers have finally gotten the buyers to replace one with the other.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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