Lost In The Aisles

Part of why you can spend hours, even days in a hardware store is because it is easy to get lost in the aisles.

Things are categorized in an organized fashion, just not 100% intuitively.

For example,

  • If kitchen and closet organization is together, why isn’t the bathroom grouped in with them?
  • If light bulbs (ahem, lamps) and power strips with surge protectors are in electrical, why aren’t twinkle lights?
  • If chalkboard paint is a thing…and it is, why isn’t the chalk to use on the walls sold there, too.
  • If they have signs at one end of the row, why not at the other end, too?

It is easy to get lost in the aisles – they design it that way – on purpose. You may have a list, but when you spend enough time walking back and forth, you may get tired and want to leave; go home and take a nap. Maybe even need a vacation, to the beach… Still, you will probably add to your cart before you even get to the counter and realize you forgot you needed batteries, Swedish Fish, a gift card for the new apartment dweller and a refill on your propane tank.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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