Can Get Lost

It is fun to hear my daughter tell me that she can get lost in the same kind of stores that I love to visit.

I am not talking about:

  • Target;
  • Clothing boutiques; or,
  • Gift shops.

Those are expected.

The ones that take more time than some people would think these places could consume of your day, are maybe just maybe, off the beaten path.

  • Stationery stores; and,
  • Hardware shops.

They may not be obviously related, but the correlation is there. Tools of the trade – depending on your trade can be found in both (and sometimes those trades overlap.)

Luckily for me, there is more than one reason we are related and not just because we can get lost and wander, aimlessly through these retailers. We both have fun, too. Together or apart. I guess that means, we have to do it more often – together of course.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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