Lost By a Careful Review

The best horse didn’t win, he lost by a careful review of the video footage.

Even ten years ago, that probably wouldn’t have happened and it hadn’t yet happened in 144 years prior.

You could even say that the best jockey, trainer or owners…didn’t win. All lost.

The future is “Maximum Security”, against anyone being able to do anything without being second guessed, researched for every single thing and having even a 1.5″ pocket knife taken from you because of the “what might have happened.”

Ok, never mind the overzealous security; the same process that hasn’t found that same keychain, as I have walked through security at that same ballpark, TSA and other public arenas for the last twenty years. (At least the guards at the World Trade Center knew it wasn’t a risk and let it go.)

Let’s get back to the horse race.

Would you be okay if you lost, by a careful review $1.6 million dollars, along with bragging rights and accolades for the rest of your life? Probably not. No. Now, what else was lost, by all others…and us?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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