Losing Control

Learning to grow is essential and part of this is losing control. You have to let the younger, less experienced pick up the reins. They have to learn sometime.

The reality is, this isn’t easy.

You take such a long time to become good – or great – at something. Handing it over to someone who doesn’t know anything is next to impossible for some people.

“Just click twice.”  “No, double click… Click click.”

“Oh, just give me the mouse…” (exasperated.)

This is probably why Apple created the iPad with the touch screen. The help desk folks couldn’t take it anymore!

Being a type A personality (compared to others, I would instead say an A- but that is relative of course) means that it is harder for some than others to do this.

Relaxing is a side benefit of this and losing control means being less stressed, smarter and – dare I say – more in control in the long run. Try it. I promise, you may grow to like it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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