Gotta Wear Green

Even if it is a special occasion, a party completely unrelated to St. Patrick’s Day, you still have gotta wear green.

Even if it is just:

  • green dangly earrings,
  • a scarf (a total habit, picked it up years ago),
  • a ring with a clear, light peridot,
  • and, open finger hand warmers (it still isn’t quite spring).

I had decided to jump the holiday and wore my casually “festive” garb yesterday. I still have plenty of options and last night I thought I could get away with being a bit more casual. Jeans and my favorite new “shenanigans” shirt.

This morning, realizing that wasn’t even remotely right or customary, so, I dressed up. Black. All black. It’s fine, I said.

In honor of the “Black Irish” side of the family. (After all, I have dark hair and dark eyes, which may or may not have come from Ireland.) Still, it’s culture, and it’s mine.

But at the last minute, I knew that it wouldn’t feel right. So, I ran back into the house, “not quite late yet” muttering under my breath, partially to me and mostly to my husband and kids. “Oh, I know. I don’t care, I’ve gotta wear green.” They know, as well as I that it was the right thing to do. Happy St Patrick’s Day to you and your’n.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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