Little By Little

Progress being made each day, each week and every month – little by little.

Now, not today, but only a few tomorrows from now, all at once is how it will feel.

Our baby…who isn’t really – she is a full-grown, legally-aged, licensed driver, high school graduate…is leaving our family nest.

Yet, it isn’t a nest. Not really anyway.

It hasn’t been that for years and years, not since we had itty bitty little cocoon shaped beds for them, and bean bag like nap areas. (We do have pictures – they’re adorable.)

Maybe not perfect, it has been a safe place for her. Filled with many people who have been a part of her upbringing, from her dad and I (thankfully) and her grand parents, aunts, uncles, cousins plus our very dear friends and neighbors.

Our home will feel more empty.

It will seem just a little less bright.

One less mouth to feed. (College tuition payments will surely make up for the food she isn’t eating around our table.)

We knew this was coming. It is part of the reality that we hoped for, wished for and helped her to achieve. Leaving us is the bittersweet part of her success; her potential to be even more than she has become already.

So, for the last few months, we have little by little planned for next week. Amazon deliveries. Target runs. “Must have” itemized shopping lists made, crossed off and thrown away. I know she will be back…but it won’t make it any easier. One small condolence is that before she goes we will all be able to witness something even bigger than the five of us. The sun and the moon together; then apart – just like our family. I can’t be sad…we just have to embrace the future and trust that it will be bright.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl Mamma

PS A total solar eclipse happening the same week  she leaves, it must be a momentous occasion.

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