Limited Editions

Every season and holiday, now have limited editions of candy to help us celebrate – not just the Big 5*. Of course, the word limited is intended. The retailers do not want to be stuck with it after the last shoppers have made their final purchases.

Of course, Easter has always been one of those important top (candy) holidays with the pink, pale yellow, pastel green and sky blue with m+ms and Reese’s foil wrapped peanut butter eggs – so many more options now are introduced each year.

We found a combo bag today that was a total score!  We will not be stuck with the Three Musketeers that were an after thought (not really) and mixed in with the Twix and Snickers… but instead, Starbursts – something they will actually fight to pick out of the bowl instead of the sad leftovers.

Sorry guys, we liked the books, the legacy stories and the various movies made over time…but not that weird chocolate…

I also saw new stock using licensing agreements, yes, Star Wars is still in stores, but those items will linger, long after the holiday consumption (just one more jelly bean please) of our favorite limited edition candy is gone and replaced with candy to celebrate the next minor spring holiday… like Doctors and Nurses Day (not the same day, they each get their own).

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Halloween
  • Christmas

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