Recycled Marketing

Cause marketing, emotional marketing, sports marketing, it all works. Recycled marketing can work too… we always reuse what we create, it keeps the brand messaging consistent. Just tweak it in between major initiative changes, just a little, to keep it fresh and current.

You always need to keep engaging customers over and over again, earning their business and keeping them moving forward.

So, I am all for it. Recycling that is.

I grew up in NJ, we were doing that for years. Decades even.

As a child we collected glass and newspaper. There was money in it…enough to support our “club” and the candy eating initiatives we had anyway. In college, my residents collected glass and aluminum cans and we used the money to rent movies and buy snacks for the entire floor once a month.

Flash forward a few (ok, more than a dozen) years and we all know how that world has changed. It is big money now and the small players can not keep up.

Interesting though when we just take it for granted now. It is unusual to see just a waste bin, anywhere that doesn’t have designations for paper, plastic, bottles and cans. Yoga mats, however, if an entirely different story.

How many yoga mats does one person need? Do they wear out that often? Where would one take a yoga mat to be recycled? Maybe we need bins for them. I do know that yoga is making a come back and is more popular than ever. I just didn’t think it had gotten that main stream. Not yet anyway.

Telling me, however, that your flip flops are made of recycled yoga mats has to make me wonder. Is the recycled marketing pitch really making people buy these flip flops over another pair? Or, is it just the level of comfort you have when you can free your toes after a long winter? I definitely didn’t choose the pair I bought because of the sticker, but maybe it works for others. Either way, feel good no matter what you pick and go, enjoy the warmer weather.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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