Let’s Pretend Everything is Okay

In listening, reading, watching (and not necessarily in that order) the news, I just have to wonder what it is about the media that makes them be so negative. I say, let’s pretend that everything is okay, just for one week, and see if the lack of their negativity stops people from freaking out so much.

That’s it. Just one week.

The 24-hour news cycle has reached a fever pitch it seems and they need, they must, they have to fill the air time with something.


No matter how crazy it is.

If you are someone who doesn’t listen, read or watch the news regularly…as in not even once a day, being exposed to it seems like doomsday is actually here.

It isn’t.

If you stop listening and tuning in, I promise you – things are not that bad.

I used to overhear the news, it was just “on” in the background, and essentially I’d hear the same stories over and over and over again. Every hour sometimes, even, every 20 minutes, the same story being shared. Often with more gusto and enthusiasm. More drama as the day went on. Even when the other parts of the world being reported on were fast asleep.

There is (mostly) nothing going on in the middle of the night in most areas of the world.

It’s like the traffic and weather radio station – every 10 minutes whether you want it hear it or not – you get the same info.

Let’s take a break and let’s pretend that everything is okay for a while. Maybe things will go wrong, maybe they won’t. Plus, if we focus instead on the people around us, the community in which we live and the lovely spring weather – that I am sure that we are due to get any moment now (shiver) – we might just be able to smile, stop worrying so much and be happier. It might just work.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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