It’s Not Just Me

I am not alone in my thoughts on what is happening around us…I know it’s not just me.

I am not even the only one to say that things are just a bit out of hand.

Sometimes, we forget about the parable, The Emperor’s New Clothes.

It could be a problem that is invisible. It could be real. It could be imaginary…and we are just caught up on the moment of it all.

We get caught up in the story, the frustration and the things that seem so important. Yet, we don’t say what we think to the people around us. We don’t say it to the people we care about in our lives. We don’t say it to the people who can do something critical, either.

What are we just clicking on, liking, sharing, happy face marking or even angry face marking that isn’t enough to make a difference, a real difference in the lives of others?

I am pretty sure it’s not just me out there, thinking this. So, I am trying to be better – only sharing what I know to be true – and looking for more than just a sound bite or a headline that got my attention. I am done with the things that are imaginary…there are far too many other things that are important, real and worth discussing.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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